From seedling to Minion: Growing a business

You know the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child"? Well, the same could be said for getting Meg's Minions off the ground. Even though I spend countless hours along making some cherished, crocheted friends, I still need help from friends and family to make sure these new sidekicks have great homes to go to.

Specifically, I wanted to thank my good friend, Dan Cole. Despite everything that he has going on in his life, he still makes time to be my unofficial Marketing Director. His skill and zeal for researching every aspect of, well, whatever you can think of, has been wonderful. This tenacity helped kick my troglodyte butt into gear... Which created this website!

I'm sure my many "requests" (sounding more like commands) and the erratic questions and giving of information made him want to tear his hair out. Still, he stuck with me. And even after this great page was created, he is on the lookout for ways to thriftly get Meg's Minions out there in the world.

Many thanks, Dan Cole!!

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