Fun Summertime Collaborations!

What a wild and crazy summer it's been for the Minions and me. I think one of the most rewarding is the collaboration Meg's Minions had with Mor Games, a great independent gaming company.

William Moomaw, president, CEO, mail room clerk, and basically the brains and brawn behind Mor Games has created the Imperiums Campaign Setting! A fantastic campaign setting that lets you play in real world folklore and culture, specifically the ancient Celts and Norse. It's a five part series created to work with the Pathfinder role playing game system.

Will saw the Dragon Minions and sweetly asked if I would sell my Minions on his site. We also worked together at the Wyvacon sci-fi convention in late July.

Now time for the shameless plug... You know you want to click it >>>> Mor Games!

Imperiums image (c) Mor Games

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